Addressing the problems

We are not afraid to address and tackle the issues!

  All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

– by Burke, Edmund

The problem:

Our parents are so busy and claim to be working so that they can put something on the table, FACT, However, no time is allocated to communicate with the child and to find out how the child is doing at school and what goes around the house when the parent is at work. Which in many cases leads to:

  • Drug abuse is increasing by storm in our children.
  • Fathers rape their daughters.
  • Young boys are getting sodomised by old men out there.
  • We have children who choose to stay under the bridges and on the streets rather than home (street kids).

I found out that at least one common problem contributes in all of these problems, i.e. ATTENTION.

Our children do not get attention from home to an extent that it drives them to try and find it on streets amongst friend that is when the peer pressure takes over. They try to deal with their problem in their own way because no one is there to listen to them and show them the right way.


We refuse to sit back and watch this cycle continue. We want to solve the problem with our after school care centres! And this is how…

The after school care centre is the parent of the child, it speaks with the child, it listens to the child, it identifies the home the child is coming from.

The after school care centre builds back the lost relationship between the parent and the child by being the mediator, it consults social workers to counsel the children.

In the after school care centre children will be given the platform to do their school work, they will get courage and support to be on about their social problem through our daily facilitated sessions.


The results are astounding. We really can make a difference. The outcomes are:

  • Children have an open relationship with their parents
  • They become socially stable by being open about their problem and know when to seek help
  • They get a clear sense of focusing at school without being disturbed by the problem they face at home
  • They go to better secondary schools and receive scholarships because of the tutoring they received from the after school care centre.