Presidents awarding ceremony

Presidents awarding ceremony
Behind everything that we do at Madtasc programmes, we pride ourselves by creating role models amongst our kids/learners/clients. So we have decided to put that in more practice by opening a platform where the most, amongst the rest of the promising kids, would be given an opportunity to take on leadership roles. We have named these roles; Mr. President and Miss President and therefore we nominated two deserving kids to fill the positions, of course with the judging criteria mentioned in points below.
We hosted a ceremony where by we were awarding these two learners for the positions of the Presidency. These two learners where judged by the CEO, who is also the full time facilitator, THABO SKOTOYI from the following aspect in order for them to fulfill the positions:

  • 100% attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Positive feedback from activities given by the facilitator
  • Confidence
  • Personality

This was a formal lunch ceremony which took place at the school where the project is taking place. We invited the following people, including our kids (GRASPERS)
1. Two parents, who happen to the parents of two nominees but only one of them made it through.
2. The principal or any member of the school governing body, but no one came through from this invitation with valid explanation from the school’s principal.
3. Our liaison at the school, Ms. Mohau. She was there.
4. The professional photographer, Ms.Qampi. She was there.
5. Motivational speaker who worked for Madtasc before, Mr.Magxotwa. He was there.
The ceremony was not just about knowing who the Presidents are, but the recognition was also given to the seven 100% attendees of the programme. These learners of course included the two nominees, however they were all given stationary pack parcels as gifts and appreciation. Video clip interviews from the guests, the CEO and the president were also taken by the photographer. As this ceremony is our first formal function, we are recording it in our history. To hear what the interviews entailed, you can click on the video clip, but we also summarized it in words next to each interviewee.
Our photographer, who also did the video clip interviews, is Ms. Lindeka Qampi:

We would like to thank the following wonderful people for making the ceremony a huge success and continuous support of the organization.
Lindeka Qampi|Photographer|0835626801
Margie Blake|Donor|0847101061
Kholiswa Vuzane/Mimi’s Soup Kitchen|Sponsor|0731012156
Nomfundiso Zenzwa|Donor|0735038767
Hubspace Khayelitsha|Sponsor|0213632176

INTERVIEWS-What others had to say about the programme and the ceremony.


Name: Ms Mohau
Grade 5 Educator, Head of Department, Liaison, Isiphiwo Primary School

Madtasc is the project that approached the school last year by Thabo Skotoyi, saying that it wants to start a programme of educating learners here at our school. He approached the school principal, who took it to the school governing body (SGB) and then to the school management team (SMT). The school accepted Thabo’s proposal and then the question was who will be monitoring the programme at the school. I then rose up my hand and said that I want to monitor the programme because Thabo stays in Harare where the school is located he will need to communicate with the parents in order to get the kids. He said that they would like to work with a group of 30 learners and then we chose those learners from grade 5 last year in 2013. We chose learners that we saw responsible, challengers, positive school attendance and learners who know what they want from school simply because we did not want the programme to fail or go slow. He also mentioned that is going to assist them in Mathematics and English, then we knew that here at school that is exactly what we want. Instead of letting children go outside on streets and be influenced by gangsterism, at least this project will keep them inside the school and do schoolwork.
They then started the programme last year, I kept on monitoring and saw that it was progressing. I also spoke with the learners telling them to appreciate the programme and be part of it, but before that we already sent the letters to their parents and Thabo with his stuff had the meeting with the parents and so the parents understood about the programme. They start taking the learners from grade 5 up to grade 6 and 7. It is unfortunate that they have not yet received any time of sponsors so that the programme can be more enjoyed by the learners with some snacks during their sessions. Because these learners start school at 07:50 and finish at 14:45 and so they get hungry, so it would make things better for them if they could get some sponsorships. These kids attend the programmes three days a week and do Life Skills facilitated programmes with English and Mathematics tutoring for one hour after school. They really love the programme, if they can see that Thabo has not yet arrived at the school, they come and ask me “Mistress, Is Thabo coming today? Why is he not yet here?” That alone proves to me that Thabo is really passionate about his work, even if he was not trained to be a teacher, but what he does at Madtasc will put our learners to a different level. He has groomed our learners, we do teach English, and well we try, but today… I was surprised, when I saw that even the not-so-out-spoken can actually shine out there and speak English with confidence. They have actually gone out of their comfort zones and can speak and express themselves in English. So my best wishes to him and his project is that he gets sponsors so that the programme can carry on. When Thabo started the programme last year with the learners in grade 5, there was a difference in their school results and we know that as he continues with them in the next Grade, there will even be more difference. At schools we have what we call systemic evaluation done by Grade 3s and Grade 6s, we believe that we will have more than the 11 we had last year because Thabo now also has his contribution to their results and by that I mean Madtasc programmes. Thank you.


Name: Somele Quse
12 years old; Madtasc programmes President; Grade 6; Isiphiwo Primary school

My name is Somelele Quse and my mother’s name is Nobakhe Quse. I stay here in Harare at number 35500. I go to Isiphiwo Primary School and currently enrolling my Grade 6. I joined the programme last year when it started in September 2013. Today I was nominated to be the president of the programme because I am always present at the programme and I always answer questions during our sessions.
Today I feel very proud for being given the position of the presidency. I also did a presentation today about making smart decisions. This presentation teaches you about what things you should consider before making a decision. This will also help me shape my life. Thank you


Name: Margie Blake
Mobray; Friend; Guest

Though face book I have met a group young man and women living and working around Khayelitsha. What makes them all outstanding and this includes Thabo is that they have all constantly told me that they refuse to blame the past or to blame the fact that they have single parents or to blame the government or to blame anyone else for where they are, they themselves have decided to be responsible for their own lives. Most of them are actually involved in NGOs which is trying to younger people and give them a chance to make the same choices. If I don’t come to Khayelitsha at least once a month, I start getting homesick for him, so I must come down every 4-6 weeks and we have coffee and we chat. I am now a little bit involved in Mimi’s Soup Kitchen, I bring some stuff down for her and every time I come and I meet with any of these guys, I am so inspired by what they’re doing by the emotional maturity, the decision not to be dragged down, the decision to be the best they can be and to be even better than you would expect.
When I came today to meet the Madtasc children, I’m blown away. I think you are a wonderful group of people with possibilities. I love your manners, the way you behave and with that I love your vibrancy and your vitality and that you are not all seating shy, hidden away and locked up. But when it must be silent, it’s silent. This has been very inspirational to me. I love the project going a couple of years of junior to prepare for high school, I think that shows great wisdom. Thank you.

Name: Nobakhe Quse;
Parent to Somelele Quse

My name is Nobakhe Quse, I stay here in Harare number 35500. I originally come from Tsolo in the Eastern Cape and I am Somelele’s parent who is attending here at Isiphiwo Primary School. He is my third child from my four children.

Madtasc started last year in September in 2013. We were called by a gentleman called by the name of Thabo Skotoyi. We then came to the school and the he told about the programme he is about to start with Grade 5 learners during that time and Somelele was one of those learners that were selected to be part of the programme. Today what made me happy is that Thabo visited my house and asked me to come to the school as he had a wish of nominating the Mr. President and Ms. President of the programme, because we all wish that the programme becomes a success because we can see that it is going to help other children as well. I then agreed to come and it gives me great pleasure to know that my child is granted the opportunity to be the President of the organization.

Somelele is a very positive child in everything that he does and he throws himself to everything that he wants to do. We are trying as his parents and siblings to encourage him in all the positive things he does. He makes his mistakes as a child like any other child when they are still growing.