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Madic dot touch programmes, Madtasc, found in 2012 November is a young driven organisation that takes place at different school centers. The reason for the existence of this organisation is to educate young children as young as from the age of 11 to 13 while they are doing their grade 6 and grade 7 at primary school. The major reason though to start the organisation came from the traumatizing challenges that the children and youth of the streets of Khayelitsha face everyday. By those challenges we mean: alcohol abuse (Cape Flats are regarded as the most consuming alcohol households in Cape Town from the age of at least 15-35), drug abuse (Tik,Dagga,Coccain,Cigarrets, etc.), violence (gang fights, robbery, rape), poverty, child abuse, school drop-out, etc.

 …statistics showed that a lot of the youth violence and crime in Nyanga was generated by alcohol abuse.

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These were reasons enough for a person to come forward and make a difference in the community, that is why this organisation now exists, we want to meet these young people half way by providing them with facilities, platforms,resources, skills and opportunities where they can find better ways of living life.