Our Aim…

We aim to deliver accessible education to young people in the school environment after their school hours.

The AIM of MADTASC programmes


GRASP: {Giving learners the ability to achieve something}

We want to offer an opportunity to learners in the After School Care where they will be able to identify more absolute ways for them to achieve their goals and dreams through early advanced education. We want for our learners an education that stands alone from the curriculum and syllabus structured by the Department of Education. Learners learn more about what happens around them in the real world and are offered skills, opportunities, platforms and resources to familiarise themselves with.

LIVE: {Passing life in a certain way}

To live knowingly and knowingly live are two very different things. To live knowing means that you have knowledge of better ways to live a better life, whereas knowingly live means that you just know that you live as a person. This organisation will pass to the learners ways of living a peaceful, resourceful and healthy lifestyle by using the live knowingly method. Some of the major reasons for youth not reaching their dreams are lack of resources and opportunities and we want to be there to change that.

FULFIL: {Accomplishing and achieving}

Making sure that after the learners have been able to grasp and to live, they can now have the opportunity to accomplish and achieve their dreams. MADTASC programmes have calculated and measured this method through certain questionnaires and feedback from presentations. Fulfilling dreams of an individual is not an easy task for anyone, however, having the means, ways and support system that help you in looking at your destination will make one courageous, interested, motivated and confident.





  • To see young elders as the leaders of the country who drives it with passion of positive long lasting change.


  • To create an environment where kids, youth and young adults are socially stable in terms of education and lifestyle.


  • Developing the best character of the individual through skills and resources.
  • Equipping the youth to prioritise in limitless opportunities.


a) To provide accessible assistance to obtain better education while in the younger age in the school environment.

b) To build a relationship with other organisations that mainly works with health transformation and education.