Madtasc programmes is a registered non-profit organization. Our name (Magic dot touch after school care) comes from a combination of touching lives and magic. Magic refers to the results that we want to see from our kids and  touch encompasses the skills that we are transferring to them so that they make better informed decisions at end of the day.


Grasp- In our facilitation workshops, we do not want to see ourselves wasting our time, that is why we are using the GRASP word as the first priority in our slogan. Grasp means understand, and we make sure that our kids understand life to its fullest before they even begin to think about engaging into those social-ills their peers face daily.

Live-  With the knowledge and understanding they retrieved from our first word (grasp) of our slogan, we encourage our kids to live comfortably their S.M.A.R.T goals being taken care of. Our kids know that little knowledge is dangerous and that poor mind sets results into poor standards of living. So through our life skills workshops and parent child workshops, these kids are trained psychologically, emotionally, economically and even nutritionally on how to live their lives and enjoy it.

Fulfill- The is no greater feeling that to achieve what you have invested in. Our kids invest their time in the programme by being there all the time and adhere to everything that is expected of them, while we make sure that their tutors, facilitators and trainers are in place to make sure that they deliver what is required of them. This is the end part of our slogan where by we monitor and mentor our kids outside of the programme, making sure that all that they have learnt is willingly applied in their daily lives.

MADTASC in FIVE things

  1. Life Skills facilitation: Ensuring that kids have more knowledge about their lifestyle issues that they face daily. Going into deeper discussions amongst other things, such as Making Smart decisions, Knowing your Hommies and Helpers, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Waiting for sex, etc.


  1. Parent-Child Workshops: Communication between parents and children has always been a problem in our societies. The platform for children to speak openly with their parents or caregivers has been washed-out by the generational gap. This is a problem and it needs to be solved, so we have decided to put in place parent-child workshops that only aim at bridging that gap. By this we do at least four parent-child workshop a year, once a quarter, where children are required to bring their caregivers/parents along. The activity aims to create and improve communication that is lacking between parents and their children which in many cases leads to children making poor decisions like dropping out of school or start smoking.


  1. English and Mathematics tutoring: South Africa faces a problem with its education system and results to huge drop outs and late access to secondary education. Math, English and additionally, Science, are often seen as the major vital subjects in primary and secondary school, hence they are the most failed or perhaps hard subjects in the schooling environment. That is why we have decided to also include them in our programs. In order to enhance the learner’s subjects, we also offer a tutoring program for these two subjects, and hopefully to add the third one soon enough. This is however an extra initiative that Madtasc decided to do so that our kids can maintain better scores for their secondary school qualifications. Since we are voluntary based, we search for tutors from universities and communities that are willing to volunteer and sacrifice their time to help our kids improve their grades.


  1. High-school placement: Due to minimum household’s incomes (if any) and coming from poor backgrounds, it is often of no choice of the child to go to the secondary school of their choice especially given the fact that most government school do not have enough resources. So many kids endup not realizing their potential. On the same vein, more learners go to government schools because they are free, but the reality is that their education system is poor compared to middle class schools. With our tutoring program that aims at enhancing the learner’s school grades, the ultimate goal is to link these learners with bursars that are available for high-school placements to the best secondary schools in the city. We believe that more academically gifted learners need to be given a chance to go to these schools with our support from the tutoring program.


  5. High-school mentorship programme: After our first group graduated from the program in grade 7 and went to secondary school, the only thing they were concerned about what will happen to them now that they are in secondary school and out of the program? That is when we decided to introduce the high-school mentorship programme where we visit the schools where our kids attend. We then interview their educators about the behavior of the child, interview the parent about the challenges of the child and lastly have a one on one session with the child. We also meet with these learners once a month at our office space and engage in dialogues coming up with solutions of some of the challenges they face either at school or home.