The After School Care Programme

A word from our Chairperson on the after school care programme


MAGIC DOT TOUCH AFTER SCHOOL CARE PROGRAMMES is based on primary schools, which we focus on grade 5, 6 and 7 because we believe they are willing to listen and they feel like they are seniors of the schools. Our care model is…

  • create awareness
  • self development programmes
  • goal coaching
  • providing outcomebased intervention

Allowing peers to be each other’s mentors

The aim of the organisation is to see young elders leading by example from their peers, helping learners with home works and assignments.

We will do book checking whereby we can be able identify the lack of understanding from the learner’s subjects so that they can be able to get assistance to improve their grades. Madtasc is building a relationship between the parent and the child through communication building sessions of parent workshops that will be offered by the organisation. The Organisation is all about bringing change in our school, community even at home.